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what's that cracking noise?

If given the opportunity, and no correction is made, the vertebral subluxation complex (VSC) will travel along the following progression path AT THE SPINAL/ JOINT LEVEL:

  1. Loss of normal position (or alignment) of the vertebrae leads to restricted movement.
  2. Abnormal positioning may lead to shortened muscle tissue with decreased strength and flexibility, as well as to scar tissue development.
  3. Continued pressure on the nerve due to the subluxation, may lead to numbness or tingling in the area in which the nerve travels.
  4. Swelling or inflammation may develop in the disc, joints, or surrounding tissues.
  5. Degenerative Joint Disease (known as “DJD” or “osteoarthritis”) may occur in the affected area leading to the development of bone spurs.

Remembering that the nerves supplying the function and co-ordination of your body exit between two vertebrae and a disc; it is not surprising to correlate ill health to the above progression.

The passion for the Doctor of Chiropractic is to promote proper neuromusculoskeletal system function, by evaluating, detecting and correcting VSC’s in your spine, which in turn provides the optimal environment for your body’s health and wellness.

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