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Pregnancy is extremely hard on the lower back as well as on the shoulders. Examine the spine of an expectant mother from the side and it’s easy to understand why they may be in pain. Due to the increased development of the breast tissue, the shoulders are rounded forward, placing tremendous pressure on the neck and shoulders. The weight of the growing child places the lower back in a strenuous position.

The nine months of pregnancy also bring many hormonal changes (i.e. relaxin) that relax the ligaments stabilizing the lower back and pelvis. As the pelvis rotates down in the front, the muscles of the lower back become short and tight, causing an increase in pressure on the pain sensitive joints of the lower back, producing achy lower back pain.

Chiropractic care can help make this special time in a woman’s life as enjoyable as it was meant to be.

Here’s some “foot” for thought:

3 Reasons Women Are Susceptible to Foot Problems:

  1. More than four out of five women wear shoes smaller than their feet.
  2. Heels, a common choice in women’s footwear, place pressure on the forefoot.
  3. Pregnancy is a factor in the development of flat feet.

For information in regards to nutritional support during pregnancy please ask your Chiropractor or Chiropractic Assistant (CA) for our Guide to Nutritional Supplements.

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