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DrDamien Sampimon

B Chiropractic Sc.  B Applied Sc. (Clinical)

Dr Damien Sampimon graduated from Melbourne's RMIT in 1999, and began practicing in December of that year in Somerville and Bulleen. Within 2 years he started his own clinics in Cranbourne and Croydon.

Since then, he has helped thousands of members of these local communities, building a successful Gonstead practice caring for newborns, children and adults.  

A keen sportsman, his interest lies within this field, family chiropractic and holistic well being. 

Dr Damien has also completed a certificate in Paediatric Chiropractic, and attends annual Gonstead conferences.

Damien is continually adding to his chiropractic knowledge with annual conferences. He completed a certificate in Paediatric chiropractic "Paediatrics for the Family Chiropractor" in 2007.

He is the team chiropractor for Rosebank Cricket Club in the North Metro Cricket Association and has worked with Marcellin Old Collegions FC and Nunawading FC.

His passion is to improve health and wellness in the broader community by providing specific Gonstead chiropractic and increasing his patients knowledge of holisitic wellbeing concepts.

DrAlly McNamara Chiropractor

B Chiropractic Sc.  B Applied Sc. (Clinical)


Dr Ally graduated with Distinction from RMIT with a double Bachelor degree in Health Science and Applied Science (Chiropractic). She is a long-term patient of Dr Damien which inspired her to pursue a career in Gonstead Chiropractic.

Ally has a passion for helping and educating people in their health and lifestyle. Her goal is to get patients out of pain, help them achieve optimal function and improve their quality of life.

Ally has been attending international and domestic Gonstead seminars since her first year of study in 2015 and continues to build on her knowledge by attending post-graduate seminars. Ally is available for bookings at the Lyndhurst clinic.

DrJunyan Yap Chiropractor

B Chiropractic Sc.  B Applied Sc. (Clinical)


Dr Jun is very passionate in helping and educating people to get better through natural means with the right intentions.

Following excellent chiropractors such as Dr Damien during his University days at RMIT, Dr Jun is inspired to become a compassionate and skilled Gonstead practitioner like his mentors while providing wellness care to those in need.

Dr Jun graduated from RMIT with a double degree, Bachelor of Health Science & Applied Science (Chiropractic) and has attended multiple seminars to increase his knowledge and skill set especially in the Gonstead system.

As Dr Jun is from Malaysia, he is able to converse in English, Chinese and Bahasa (Malay). Junyan is available for bookings at the Croydon clinic.

Adam Drennan


​Cert IV of Massage

Diploma of Remedial Therapy



As a massage therapist, Adam holds qualifications in both relaxation massage and remedial therapy. He has a great interest in the workings of the human body, and how massage can be used to improve his patients’ health, wellbeing and quality of life.

His passion for remedial therapy comes form its ability to not only alleviate temporary discomfort, but to redirect and enhance greater health and quality of life.

As well as massage therapy, Adam practices Hai Ban Wing Chun, a style of Chinese martial arts, with Sifu Bruce Leader. It is his interest in martial arts that led him to massage in the first place, with their ability to promote better health and improve the body. He is also a qualified personal trainer and a Secondary English teacher




Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage (Myotherapy)

Sarah Sampimon

Health and Wellness Coach

Personal Trainer

Level 3 Professional Health Coach

Cert IV Personal Trainer



As a Health Coach, Sarah's passion is empowering people to make better choices by helping them understand the relationship between their innate human values, their conscious knowledge and reasoning, and their subconscious belief system.  These are the resources your brain uses to perform the analysis it uses to make choices.  Through the process of coaching, your purpose and values become clearer enabling you to reach short and long term goals to make sustainable positive changes.

Sarah is also a qualfied Personal Trainer and has a strong interest in fitness and trail running, having completed many road and ultra marathons.


For more information on coaching with Sarah please call 0403362299 or visit


Sarah is a qualified Sports and Myotherapist with years of experience in musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. As Myotherapists we can apply a range of different modalities to treat the body as a whole.


Please contact Sarah directly to book an appointment:-

Phone: 0421 758 254




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