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chronic sports injuries

Sports injuries are common in today’s active society. Due to increases in athletes’ size, speed, power and strength, greater stress is placed upon an athlete’s muscles, tendons and ligaments. The key to properly treating a chronic sports injury is to identify the complete cause, not simply to treat the injured area.

If an individual suffers from multiple chronic sports injuries, dehydration must be ruled out. This is found in individuals that have a tendency to sweat more than average. In this case, increasing water intake is good, but not sufficient to ward off potential injuries. Electrolyte balance is very important because sweat contains salts that must be replaced. When the body is dehydrated and imbalanced from an electrolyte standpoint, pulled muscles are very common.

Chronic sports injuries are often due to overuse syndromes. In year-round warm climates, like California and Florida, athletes can play the same sport throughout the year making overuse and repetitive stress injuries such as tendonitis (painful inflammation of the tendons), and arthritis (joint inflammation) commonplace.

For information on nutritional support to aid healing, please ask your Chiropractor or Chiropractic Assistant (CA) for our Guide to Nutritional Supplements.

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